SUDO distribution

SUDO distribution

This post outlines the distribution of SUDO, the governance token of the sudoAMM protocol, a concentrated liquidity AMM protocol for NFTs.

The initial supply distribution of SUDO is as follows:

Initial supply: 60M SUDO

XMON holders: 25.12M, 41.9%

0xmons NFT holders: 0.9M, 1.5%

Retroactive LP airdrop: 0.9M, 1.5%

Treasury: 15.08M, 25.1%

Initial team members: 9M, 15%, vested over 3 years with a 1 year cliff

SudoRandom Labs: 9M, 15%, vested over 3 years with a 1 year cliff


XMON holders

XMON holders can participate in a lockdrop event to receive SUDO.

XMON holders will be able to lock their XMON as an indication of their commitment to participate in the governance of the sudoAMM protocol and receive SUDO.

XMON tokens will be locked for 3 months, after which they can be withdrawn. XMON will retain 100% of its functionality and will in no way be altered by the locking mechanism, except that the locked XMON will not be transferable during the locking period. Once the lockdrop starts, XMON holders will have a one month time window to enter. The SUDO distributed is pro-rata to the amount of XMON locked, at a rate of 10,000 SUDO per 1 XMON locked.

The SUDO that is not distributed during the lockdrop will go back to the treasury

Note that the current multisig treasury tokens will not be eligible for the lockdrop.

0xmons NFT Holders

0xmons NFT holders will be distributed 1.5% of the initial SUDO supply.

sudoAMM LP airdrop

A retroactive airdrop to sudoAMM liquidity providers (TRADE pools only) where 1.5% of the initial supply will be distributed. Applicable retroactively before the publication of this post only (block: 15455555).


This is a treasury governed by SUDO holders. Possible early uses could be initiatives such as grants for future contributors/integrations/tooling, bug bounty programs, liquidity, etc.

Governance will be able to mint more SUDO to the treasury, if needed, up to a max inflation cap of 10% a year.

Initial team members

This is the allocation to the initial founding team, which will get 15% of the initial supply, vested over 3 years with a 1 year cliff.

SudoRandom Labs

SudoRandom Labs is currently the primary contributor to the sudoAMM protocol. While it is currently the primary contributor to the protocol and has historically made significant contributions, the protocol is open-source and additional contributions are encouraged to be made by the community directed via governance.

It will be allocated 15% of the initial supply, vested over 3 years with a 1 year cliff.

Initial non-transferability

SUDO will initially be non-transferable. A governance proposal to initiate transferability may be put forward through the standard governance process for the sudoAMM protocol, which will be addressed at a later time. This is done as a measure to ensure SUDO does not go into circulation unless and until there can be assurance that there will be sufficient participation from SUDO holders in governance.

Initial supply distribution:

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